Lubricate your vagina with these natural remedies

No women enjoy sex when it becomes painful for them. A lady can bear the pain of giving birth but an act which is supposed to give her pleasure, if that turns painful becomes unbearable. Sex is supposed to be an act of enjoyment and pleasure where both the partners seek to satisfy each other not just physically but also spiritually. It is way to enhance your love and come closer to each other but when it becomes painful, both the partners can become distant.

There are many reasons why a women pay find sex painful and a major cause is having a dry vagina. Ladies go through a roller coaster of hormonal imbalance every month and if they having delivered a child in the present than the hormonal changes her body go through is usually what causes vaginal dryness. Even stress and poor eating habits contribute to sex becoming painful and the couple ends up with a disastrous sex life.

Most women often do not realize the severity of their problem until and unless someone points towards it and so finding a solution is definitely important. There are a lot of products in the market that claim to treat vaginal dryness but most of these have side effects so ladies should seek ways to cure their dryness naturally. Here are some ways that can help a lot in restoring the lubrication with harming the overall health:

  • Say “no” to chemicals

You may fall into the trap of these big companies promoting their health care products for “vaginal hygiene” but ladies should avoid using soaps and washes down there all the time. Even rinsing with water is ok if it is done once or twice every day. Why? This is because vagina has its own natural pH value which supports all the sexual act and reproductive process. Chemicals in soaps and washes can cause the pH of the vagina to alter and hence leading to a dried vagina which can make your prone to infections as well. So ladies should first give up on using such products to restore their vaginal lubrication. ProSolution Gel

  • Oils and creams

Slowly and gradually experts are becoming successful in coming with a cure for cancer so how can they not introduce a treatment for dry vagina? There are many oils and creams available in the market that promise to treat dry vagina but not every one of them works. Unlike all of these products, HerSolution Gel is one product that has been made from natural and herbal ingredients and fulfills its claim of restoring lubrication.

Odorless and non-sticky unlike other gels, HerSolution Gel aims at increasing the female sex hormone in the body known as estrogen which works on the vaginal tissues and help in restoring the pH balance of the vagina. Not only does it make sex less painful but also enhances your sex drive so that you can gain more pleasure from the act of mating.

  • Eating right

Women should avoid acidic food. No matter how much you love spicy food, to keep the natural pH balance of the vagina intact, women should stay away from foods that are acidic in nature. Rather women should focus more on eating healthy foods including fruits and veggies which not only gives them strength and enhances their stamina but also keeps the ph of the vagina balanced so that the natural lubrication is not lost. Have apples, cherries and plums or eat salads made from green leafy vegetable which will not only boost your energy but also help you in treating dry vagina.

  • Exercise to stay active

No, working is just not for losing weight, staying active has numerous health benefits and is good to improve your sexual health. Ladies who workout in the gym or even go for a simple walks every day are the ones with the best sex life and never complain about having a dry vagina. Working out actually improves the blood circulation throughout the body especially the vaginal area. The nerve ending at the genitals are stimulated so that women can enjoy sex way better than before.

  • Conclusion

Many women these days are facing an issue of dry vagina and not enjoying sex as they should. For all those who have lost their sex drive should definitely try HerSolution Gel once and see its amazing results. This natural formula is specially made for women who complain about a dry vagina so that they can get rid of this problem and enjoy sex once again. Also it is important to change your life style, become more active and eat healthy so that even in the future, you do not have to face this issue. Not only is HerSolution gel great for lubrication but also increases your sex drive to gain more fun and pleasure from the act of mating.